Thursday, July 10, 2014

inspiration for the rough parts

this morning, i found this sweet little video about a rad independent bathing suit designer fitting bathing suits for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.  it got me on the "love thy body + we are all goddesses" theme, but i was also so taken with how malia's business represents so much more than just bathing suits.  she is offering a window of true beauty into the souls of these ladies and that is so so valuable.

right now, as i am taking some big steps forward in my own self-care mentoring business, i feel so many things.  i'm excited and i'm also scared that i won't be able to do it, that my voice doesn't really need to get any louder than it already is.  this is normal fear stuff right?  it's the reason why most of us don't go after what we want or stay where we shouldn't.  i totally get it and kinda really want to stay where i'm most comfortable.  but when i watch videos like this, i know i can't because there is life that really wants to live itself through me.

so i make mantras about being grounded and open. i keep my routine stable and nourishing. i remember that it's not my job to decide if my voice is good enough or my message is important.  my job is to do the little steps every single day to put my vision out in the world and then the world can decide.

on our early tuesday morning chats, my mom keeps reminding me that most of success really is just showing up and doing what needs to be done.  she would know because she supported my brother and i as a realtor in northern virginia for quite a few years.  it's unglamorous and true.  i would add to that, a lot of success is tapping down the inner critique and adding in ample amounts of self-care when the going gets a little rough.  this is what i practice.  this is effective. this is what i need to teach.

and you, lovely, what are you big bad dreams? how does the world need your voice? how can you show up and work toward it just a little bit today? what self-care will help sustain you when the voices in your head start?  for me today, that will be pancakes at big bear with an sweet student who is in town, soft radiant music from these guys, and a 10pm bedtime which has been my magic sleep formula of late.  and deep breaths of course--those always help.

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