Monday, June 25, 2012

looking for massage therapists around dc

does everyone around dc already know that amma is coming in just two weeks?? she'll be here from july 6-7th in alexandria. if you don't know who she is, check her out here.  she's the truest of yogis--giving is her practice. last year she hugged 32 million people around the world.  whoa!!  she goes and goes for 12+ hours without a break, hugging until every last person has been seen.  if you've never seen her before, then make some time to go for a visit (i'll give you a ride if you need one!).  even if you don't totally believe, it's still an awesome and totally interesting experience.

my own personal story is that i met amma three years ago when she came through on her annual tour.  i was curious about the hugging saint from south india but wasn't sure if i wanted to drive all the way to reston to see her.  i kept it in my mind and on her last day here, something deep within me told me to get myself out there.  my schedule freed up and a car appeared, and within a few hours i was sitting at her feet and receiving my first hug.   she hugged me in close and whispered "my daughter, my daughter, my daughter" into my ear.  during that evening, a man told me that his life changed dramatically after his first hug from amma.  looking back now, i see that within two months of that hug i completed my yoga teacher training and thai massage training soon after.  within six months, i was at her ashram in india and since then my life as a teacher and student of yoga and massage has been an amazingly joyful path.

i'm helping to coordinate the massage seva--selfless service--for her visit.  if you know of anyone who does bodywork and may be interested in giving their time to support amma's mission then send them my way at  it'll be guaranteed good karma :)

ps  adam and i are all moved in. whew! in case you have forgotten, moving kinda sucks (especially in the dc summer) and is kind of awesome in that it's a great opportunity to start over again.  especially when you're moving in with a person that you think is pretty awesome.  i'm sure we'll hit some snags along the way, but so far, so fun :)

Friday, June 1, 2012


ellie, jess and i are so limber at the end of our retreat
the yoga house of our dreams
wild peacocks, need i say more? (there is one hidden in the tree)
view from the house deck
me with the dream team 

it seems like fridays are just going to be my blog posting day.  i would have missed this one because i was due to leave for chicago at 7:30pm, but with these thunderstorms rolling in my flights are delayed and i've gained a few extra hours this evening.  as long as i make it by 2pm tomorrow to photograph my friend blair's wedding, i'm happy to have them.

this gives me time to tell you that our acroyoga/thai massage retreat in winchester, va this weekend was a smashing success.  as predicted, we had SO much fun!  i have everyone who showed up to thank for that.  as my dear friend mark says 'if you bring it, it will be there" which is exactly the weekend worked.  we brought boxes of food and plans for yoga classes, but the most important part of anything is the spirit that each bright attended pulled out from the very beginning.  it reminded me that life is fun and that play can be the most effective way to grow.   it was all fueled by our amazing kitchen team--jenn and liza (with assistance from julie)--who helped me remember that you can find the perfect intersection of health and deliciousness, when you have that magic touch.   i hope to get back out there again soon so stay tuned for more yoga escapes in the fall.

in other big news, adam and i found a place!  it's not too far from where i live now, has lots of space and light (our priorities) and even has a swimming pool.  we were so sad when our first place fell through, but as everyone reminded me, life works out how it should.  when we walked into the place during the open house, it felt just like home.  luckily, we didn't scare the owner off with our enthusiasm and we move in two weeks! now i'm beginning the digging out process that must happen after living in the same place for four years.  if you would have stopped by yesterday morning, you would have found me in my pajamas at 11am, crying over a box of letters that i got while i was in the peace corps.  it was cathartic in exactly the way i needed. 

oh and why have i not watched friday night lights until now?? i started last week and i'm almost half-way through the first season.  i can't say it's making me like football anymore but i'm into these high schoolers from texas (i don't think i have ever said that before :).  i have a feeling it's going to the perfect balm for the next month of travel/moving/photography craziness.