Monday, August 17, 2009

Daniel & Aga's Wedding

These are pictures from Daniel and Aga's wedding at the Iwa Jima Memorial. Everyone was really nice and the day was a lot of fun (fyi--that wedding cake was made by the groom's mom and it was so good).

My life has been pure yoga these past two weeks. It's hard but its good and I can feel myself getting a lot stronger on a few different levels. The harder the pose, the more negativity comes up during it and I have the opportunity to watch it all pass through my mind. It comes, it goes, and somehow I remain the same. Our instructor Chrissy tells us to practice with equanimity, with no expectation for results. I try to remember this when I can't kick up into a headstand for the 10th time. But its true. I practice because I love yoga, even when I don't love it. It teaches me about life on a deeper level--the places where I thrive and the places I flail about like a snot-faced 5 year-old. It helps me to have compassion for myself and keep my cool where I would normally react. These things are all subtle but they're important, so I don't really mind giving my whole life over to it for a month.

PS--I know I'm the last person to be finding this album, but I really love Animal Collective's latest, Merriweather Post Pavillion.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i like sundays. erik thinks sundays are hell.

these are pictures i took with my friend erik while we were exploring theodore roosevelt island--a little swampy oasis just a stones throw from georgetown. oh I haven't posted in so long because there just doesn't seem to be time these days (or maybe I've just been really into watching the first season of 30 rock on netflix). anyway, i am loving this summer full of bike rides and dinner parties and the velvet underground and mint ice cream and learning to play the piano from the same piano book that both my aunt and my father learned with. there have also been some good lessons within it all, particularly about honesty. i've been thinking a lot about telling the truth lately and how much i appreciate when people do it, even if its not the easiest answer. in the past, i think i used to prefer the niceties above all, but these days i find myself taking the truth because it means i don't have to waste time wondering about what is really going on. all that time adds up after a while.

i start my yoga teacher training tomorrow and i am excited and have a few butterflies of nervousness. it's going to be a whole new thing that i am flinging myself into and i can't predict where i will end up with it all. another adventure right here at home--i love it. i bought new yoga clothes this week and i felt like i was a kid and picking out my first day of school outfit.