Monday, March 22, 2010

health care is for everyone! (well we are getting closer at least)

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the place god calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet. - frederick buechner

i am so excited about the health care overhaul! it's been a crazy battle this past year that i admittedly did not follow very well. i sometimes choose not to focus so much on politics because it seems like it's filled with so much back-and-forth negativity and i am trying to create less of that in my life. still it is quite exciting (a bit like a sports game with key players and special uniforms and strategies), especially when it's something that will help so many people. as obama said, it's not really radical stuff that we meet this basic human need but it is important that we have finally decided to stand for it.

i am really proud of obama. his election was the only time in my life i have been able to get really into politics and i think that is because what was happening in our country was so different. we choose a leader who is a visionary, who is really in touch with the experience of being human and has a compassionate heart. it felt like we woke up in a way.

so i guess it's been easy to be down on him lately but honestly my opinion of him hasn't changed since the beginning. i still have a picture of him (the rolling stone portrait where he is looking down & smiling) tacked up on my wall, teen beat style. what he says still makes sense although i think he understands washington, dc in a whole new way now and of course will change a little because of that.

to me, he represents the opposite of the more-republican (yet entirely human) experience of fearing that there will not be enough if we give what we have. these are daily fears that we all struggle with. its in my fear to buy the expensive, organic milk lest it lead me down a future path of debt or or my nervousness of letting someone know that i like them because i think it will take away my edge.

i know now that my path is love, compassion and learning how to find joy in what exists. as i love, i feel better in myself each day and man, i have to emphasis that when you have self-love, life gets really really good. i face fears on a daily basis and i do the things i love (cook, ride my bike, practice yoga, talk to inspiring people, watch things that make me laugh) and understand that everything changes. and the more i do this, the more my business and my life are growing. as i let go of my negativities and fears and just give openly, the more prosperity flows back to me and i am free to enjoy more. it's a good cycle.

so it has been decided. we will have health care. i, along with many other people in this world (because yes the world is looking to us as always--this wild racing horse of a country), feel happy for it and appreciation that despite a lot of grumbling, we usually manage to do the right thing. before we know it there will be a day when we can't imagine not having done this and it will feel good to tell our grandchildren about how it all happened.


  1. i read this last night and really felt it. i wish i would have recorded some of my thoughts the day it passed. in this link:
    there are some helpful explanations about what reform means to individuals . . .

    you might be surprised to learn that one of the reforms is a ban “gender rating” that allows women to be charged more for the same coverage. without reform, Right now, a healthy 22-year-old woman can be charged premiums 150 percent higher than a 22-year-old man.

    the amount of inhumane and crazy practice that this bill bans is pretty astounding. obviously needed, but you have to wonder how these practices got implemented in the first place!!

    i hope tackling this will add some positive energy to the country and start a trajectory to more and more recognition of the humanity in each of us.