Friday, October 30, 2009

Polly and Andrew in Little Rock

The loveliest people you'd ever hope to meet...

Aren't Polly's blue shoes the coolest?

Andrew didn't look too shabby himself.

Such beautiful mason jar arrangements.

This was payback!

Lily was the ringbearer! My worlds collided!

With friends like these...

Polly's bridal party looked like a sunburst :)

Relaxing after the ceremony.

I loved loved my weekend in Little Rock photographing Polly and Andrew's wedding. They are friends of my dear friend Jaime from college and are so fun and open that they wanted a pet photographer to capture their wedding. I'm so glad they did. All of the little details of the day were so perfect. They had a big table of board games, pies instead of a cake, and actually had a saw player to perform their processional music! I loved it all but really I was just so taken by the spirit of Polly and Andrew. Both of them have had to handle some serious health setbacks in life and they have dealt with them by dedicating their lives to love, creativity, and generosity. I was so taken by their ability to stay in the present moment no matter what (Polly was the calmest bride I have EVER seen) and how gosh darn generous they are. When I snuck into their room to capture their post-ceremony relaxation, not only did they let me but they also insisted on sharing their snacks with me. Anyone who is around them for any period of time can feel what makes them so special and are changed for the better. I definitely was.

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